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Where is the Ski School Office located and what are the opening hours?

At the Salober Valley Station, Hochkrumbach 10, 6767 Warth. Our Office is open daily from 9 am until 5 pm.

When are the courses scheduled and where is the meeting point?

The group courses are scheduled from from sunday until friday 10.15am - 12.15pm and 1.15pm- 3.15 pm. The meeting point is at the Salober Valley Station, close to the Ski School office.

Which skipass should I buy?

These informations are only recommendations. For further informations please contact our office.



- Kinder born 2011 or younger >> Ski Arlberg Snowman

- Kinder born in 2010 or older (blaue u. rote Piste) >> 3 Täler Ski Pass

- Kinder born in 2010 or older (schwarze Piste) >> Ski Arlberg Pass



- Beginner >> 1st day "Übungsliftkarte"

- Intermediate / Advanced >> 3 Täler Ski Pass or Ski Arlberg*


* Please be informed that the group can only access the Ski Arlberg (Auenfeldjet) if evey participant has a valid Ski Arlberg Ski pass.

Are there also half-day courses?

We offer half-day Burmi Club courses (course for 3 and 4-year-olds) and for private courses. All other (group) courses are full-day courses (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon)

Does the timing work if both parents and children take a ski course?

Yes, both children and adults are assigned to their groups at the same gathering place, so there is no problem.

How are people assigned to groups?

After ability levels have been taken into account, we head over to the easy slopes in smaller groups and assign the teaching groups there. If someone is not quite happy with their group assignment, they can of course still change groups after consulting the head of classification (in general the ski head master).

Does the Ski School offer lunch for children?

We offer the possibility for children to have lunch with the ski instructor. We recommend the Pauli Taler (from 4 years to 10 years old) This Taler includes lunch care, food and one drink. Of course kids older than 10 years old are also supervised but should bring along cash to choose their menue individually.

Do you also have Dutch-speaking instructors?

We have Dutch instructors and also some Austrian and German instructors who speak a little Dutch. However, we cannot always promise that the instructor will be able to speak Dutch. We ask you to let us know your requirements when the groups are being assigned, and we'll do our best.

Will I be refunded the course fee if I get injured during the course?

If you present a medical certificate by a local doctor, the remaining course costs will be refunded.

Where can I download/purchase the group pictures?

You will find the link to download the group pictures on our webseite "Service >> your Ski photo". An access code is required.

Do we have to take the whole (5) 6 days of course, or can we do fewer days?

Our group programme is planned for a week, with the final ski race on Friday. It therefore makes sense to stay on the course for the whole (5) 6 days. But of course it's also possible to take the course for fewer days.

Can our children be together in one group?

Yes. In our ski school, children are assigned to groups based primarily on their age and ability. So if your children or their friends have a similar level of ability, we ask you to let us know on the first day and we will do our best to put them together!


BUT Plese be aware that if the children do not have the same level of ability, however, the child who is better at skiing will have to move to the slower group!

From what age can children take part in a ski / snowboard course?

From 3 years. For the 3 and 4-year-olds we offer a half-day course (Bambini Ski).

All other children have a full-day course. However, for snowboard courses we recommend a minimum age of 10 years. For younger snowboarders we recommend a private course.

How early do we need to reserve a private instructor?

In general, the earlier the better, but at least one day in advance. You can make reservations by telephone, by e-mail, or via our web page/online shop.

Is it also possible to be taught by a particular instructor?

In general this is of course possible, but we ask you to make requests for a particular instructor as early as possible, by telephone or e-mail.

However, in the case of group courses we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide your requested instructor.

Can I join a course in the middle of the week?

As a rule, groups are assigned on Sundays (sometimes Mondays). However, it is always possible for advanced skiers to join an existing group during the week. Weekend courses take place when there are 3 or more people.

Can I change course? For example from a snowboard to a ski course?

That's no problem, as long as another suitable course is running.

Do you get your money back if the children don't like it?

We have several offerings (extension...) that keep the "risk" as low as possible for you!

If you have more questions, simply contact us by phone, e-mail or onsite in the Ski School Office!